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Carr Family Brad Carr Terry Carr Sarah Carr

"We are passionate about our chickens and provide them with the best care."

Our owner, Brad, has been involved in the farming industry his whole life. He was born on a chicken farm in Mangrove Mountain NSW and took over his parents farm in 1983.

Our chickens are bred to feed the families of Australia and the world and can be found at some of Australia's best known retail food and grocery stores.

We are a dynamic team, with a quick response rate and our industry experience ensures that we are thorough. We are backed up by a well organised administrative team, with our finance department headed by Brad's daughter, Sarah Carr.

We have an experienced team of staff and have developed a culture of pooling a diverse range of knowledge. This makes for a happy team of farm managers and farm supervisors who acknowledge that farming involves continuous learning and team work.


The following 5 principles guide everything we do:

  • Quality

  • Animal welfare

  • Innovation/technology

  • Scale

  • Sustainability

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