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"​​The completion of EV2 will raise the total farms capacity to over 2 million birds."


EV2 (Elbow Valley Farm 2) is the latest development with construction completed late 2017. The farm consists of 10 sheds able to house 510,000 birds with the first batch of birds arriving mid 2017.

EV1 was the first farm constructed here at Elbow Valley and had it's first batch of birds mid 2014.

EV3 contruction followed after EV1 and had it's first batch early 2016. EV4 had it's first lot of birds late 2016.

Running alongside the Condamine River, Carr Farming utilises over 1500 hectares of prime Darling Downs land. Adopting modern farming equipment such as the recent installation of a centre pivot irrigation system allows Carr Farming to compliment the chicken facilities by harvesting our own bedding material. Our location also lends itself to crops of oats and barley in the winter and is home to 300 head of Droughtmaster cattle.

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